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June 22, 2019 at 9am - The Foodie Four Mile is a fundraiser for the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market, in conjunction with Twin Cities Food Justice. Join us for this beautiful four mile loop around the Mississippi River. There will be prizes for the following categories: First Woman, First Man, First Pet, First Baby, Best Finish Line Celebration, and Best Costume. Use your $5 in gifted market coupons to attend the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market after the race! 

hampden park round-up.jpg

Hampden Park Co-op round-up

TCFJ has been chosen for Hampden Park Co-op register round-up for August 2019. Stop on in to the co-op and round-up during the month of August to support us. 


Eastside Co-op Seedlings Round-up

TCFJ has been selected for the Eastside Co-op Seedlings register round-up for August 2019! Stop in and round-up or donate your bag discount to help support us. More details to follow.