• WEEKly and occasional food rescue volunteer positions

  • Leadership Roles: VOLUNTEER staff and board positions

  • Student Internships & Field experiences

“My field experience with TC Food Justice has been more than I could ask for. From making food rescues to researching about food policy, they have always been a treat to work with and I am appreciative of their selfless support in everything that they do.”
— John X, Masters of Public Health Field Experience
Photo: Selena Salfen

Food Rescue Volunteers

  • We offer weekly and occasional food rescue volunteer positions

  • In a food rescue, a volunteer or group goes to a designated grocer, bakery, or farmers market and takes fresh fruit, vegetables, or bread that are unable to be sold. Volunteers sort through the donation and deliver it by bicycle or personal vehicle to a designated hunger relief organization right away. Volunteer opportunities last from 45-90 minutes and are available in neighborhoods throughout the Twin Cities. Weekly food rescues are fun and easy!

  • Volunteers use a personal vehicle, personal bicycle, or carpool for food rescues.

  • All are welcome to volunteer! Our current food rescue volunteers include families, adults, seniors, college students, and groups of friends.

Volunteer Staff and Board Positions

If you are interested in joining our volunteer staff or board in a position not listed here, please fill out the Volunteer Application Form (above) and indicate your interest in joining our team!
Please note all positions at TC Food Justice are currently unpaid.

No positions currently posted. Please fill out the volunteer application form above if interested in joining our staff.

Student Internships and Field Experiences

  • We are currently at capacity for internship and field experience opportunities. Please check back in Fall 2019. Thank you!